Back In Balance Reviews


"I have been using Back In Balance for 1 year once a week.  One of the best massages I have ever received.   I recommend using her Biz on a regular basis.  Thank- You for making me feel like a million bucks!" - Jen Carmen (Carmen's Community Clip It)



 " I came across Back In Balance by way of Groupon and it has been a lifesaver for my back.  I suffer from degeneration in my lower back and have a slight herniation in my upper back.  I have had chiropractic and napropathic treatment as well.  Those methods work but I suffer from chronic flare ups of pain.  Since I started with Back In Balance and getting weekly massages my back is so much better.  My painful flare ups are at a minimal  and I do not have to take pain medication daily.  Michelle has great hands and can find my areas of soreness without me mentioning them.  She has introduced me to various forms of massage therapy that has been of great benefit to my back.  My back is by far much better today than 8 months ago.  I would recommend Back In Balance to anyone who has chronic back issues or just needs a general massage. -- DeAngela



 "In the 15 years since I have been getting massages, I have never had a therapist that I saw regurlarly until I started seeing Michelle Marshall about a year ago.  Using her strong knowledge of anatomy and physiology and experience in many different types of massage techniques, Michelle designs your massage experience around your needs.  A few years ago I was involved in a serious car accident, and as a result, I frequently experience a lot of tightness and sorenesss in my neck, shoulders and upper back.  Michelle performed a myofascial massage technique and trigger point therapy which helped to alleviate the pain considerably.  Michelle also took into consideration the fact that I suffer from migraines and sinus related headaches (something which I checked off during the pre-evalution) and performed a lymph drainage massage technique combined with aromatherapy, and I cannot begin to tell you how incredibly better I feel now.  Michelle Marshall far exceded my expectations, 

and that is why I see her every 3-4 weeks as well as refer all my family and friends to her."  ---Thanks Tracy Ores



 " I have had severe scoliosis and chest cavity challenges for the last 12 years and I have had therapy at many different offices over 

  the years as my insurance changed.  Because my body isn't normal I need a therapist that listens to what the patient needs and      adjusts accordingly, at Back In Balance  I found that and more.  I know I can be a challenging patient and Michelle's  understanding and knowledge has shaped a therapy program that has me excited that I can find long term relief." ---- Thanks Mike