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Swedish Massage

More Relaxing, focused more on relieving stress and anxiety than in pain relief. More long flowing massage techniques including effleurage and kneading.

30 min $30 60 min $55  90 min $85


Trigger Point Therapy

Focused on relieving pain and muscle tightness by deactivating trigger points in the muscle and fascia and increasing circulation in the area.

30 Min $35  60 min $65  90 min $95


Deep Tissue​

Massage that is very specific for pain relief and uses a wide variety of techniques to alleviate your muscle tension, and soreness.

30 min $35  60 min $65 90 min $95


Lymph Drainage

Even lighter pressure than a swedish massage but has many health benefits , because it is more focused on the Lymph and lymph flow than on the muscles or fascia.  Some of the many health benefits include better lymph flow in your body which improves immune functioning, relief of sinus problems, allergies, relief of headaches, fibromyalgia , chronic fatigue, and many chronic conditions. Good for pre and post operative care as well.

30 min $35 60 min $65  $ 90 min $95


Raindrop Technique

A very specific technique in which 7 different essential oils are applied to the feet and back along with a back massage finishing with heat on your back to help the essential oils go deeply into your body and help many chronic conditons including Multiple Sclerosis and Scoliosis. Can help to realign the spine and hips. Some of the essential oils applied are Peppermint, Wintergreen, Rosemary, Marjoram, Thyme and Oregano, Aroma Seiz, and Valor.  Because of the amount of the essential oils used in this treatment the cost reflects this extra aromatherapy.

 60 min $85



Foot or Hand Reflexology or both.  Different points on your hand, or  foot correspond to different areas of your body full attention is given to your aching hands  and/ or feet. Includes exfoliation and extra moisturizing  for your feet and/or hands.

30 min $45 60 min $70



Sinus Treatment

Wonderful treatment for sinus problems, a combination of lymph drainage and Sinus Acupressure  points along with a steam face tent and essential oils to open up the sinuses.

45 min $50


Back In Balance Massage

Signature massage which combines swedish, deep tissue,trigger point therapy,lymph drainage,  reflexology a foot exfoliation and an essential oil individualized for you.

60 min $95 90 min $105



Hot Stone Massage

Relax your tired sore muscles with heated stones and massage.

60 min $75   90min $95




Foot Scrub $10

Aromatherapy or green tea foot soak $10

parafin $10

Aromatherapy $10

Hot stones $10





Visa, Mastercard , American Express And Discover Accepted. 

Most Insurance accepted with a prescription, please call to find out what details need to be  written on the prescription, thank you!